Relationship Property Lawyer in Hamilton

Separation and Relationship Property
Whether you are divorcing or leaving a de facto relationship, separation from a spouse or partner is never easy and is often complex and emotional time. Care and Contact (previosuly known as Custody) and Relationship Property battles can drag out over a long period of time and can be very stressful. By having Raewyn Sporle, a highly respected relationship property and divorce lawyer, representing you ensures your assets and your children are properly protected during the separation process. Raewyn is the divorce lawyer Hamiltonians can rely on to manage their separation effectively and efficiently.

Contracting Out Agreements or "Pre-Nups" 
If you are entering a new relationship, whether it be de facto, marriage or civil union, you may with to keep you assets separate from your new partner. If this is the case, Raewyn can assist you in effectively protecting your assets and drafting up Agreements to Contract Out of the Property Relationships Act, or as they are often called a Pre-Nuptial Agreement. Similarly, Raewyn can effectively advise you on your legal rights if a partner presents you with a pre-nup agreement they wish you to sign.  

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